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Black Mule + Doe Bianca

$ 220.00


We can all agree that black suede mules are classic go-to shoes, and these ones are pretty darn comfortable if we do say so ourselves. But will the Doe Bianca match your wardrobe? The answer is surprisingly yes! The neutral colors of the doe pattern goes well with nudes, tans, whites, browns, blacks, golds and purples. So give this "bootie" style a try this weekend, you can always change the strap out with any of our black styles (sold seperately) and create a more classic shoe come Monday.


- 2.5” heel made of recycled plastic
- Cushioned foam mid-sole for all-day under-foot comfort
- Genuine leather upper for increased breathability
- Rubber outsole for increased grip while walking
- Mule can be worn with any Alterre strap and Bianca can be worn with any Alterre shoe base (except the boot)
- Available in regular full, wide, narrow and half sizes: 6N - 11.5