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Step 2: Choose Your Look

Click the icon of your favorite combination below to see which lift and look is perfect for you:

Blush Sandal + Tilda in Cream
Blush Sandal + Jackie in Cream
Tilda in Cream/
Evening Sky


Jackie in Cream



Bianca in Cream
Blush Sandal + Marilyn in Carnaval
Blush Sandal + Elsie in Carnaval
Blush Sandal + Billie in Cream
Marilyn in Carnaval


Elsie in Carnaval


Billie in Cream/Carnaval
Blush Sandal + Elsie in Mist Grey
Blush Sandal + Jackie in Mist Grey Blush Sandal + Marilyn in Stingray
Elsie in Mist Grey


 Jackie in Mist Grey


Marilyn in Stingray


Blush Sandal + Tilda in Cream/Stingray
Blush Sandal + Elsie in Stingray Blush Sandal + Marilyn in Lilac
Tilda in Cream/Stingray
Elsie in Stingray
Marilyn in Metallic Lilac


Blush Sandal + Jackie in Lilac
Jackie in Metallic Lilac


Bianca in Pixel Glitter


Elsie in Pixel Glitter


Billie in Blush/Cream


Jackie in Blush


Jackie in Nude


Bianca in Ponyhair


Tilda in Ponyhair


Jackie in Sunshine


Marilyn in Sunshine


 Jackie in Caribbean Blue


Elsie in Caribbean Blue 


Blush Sandal + Billie in Evening Sky
 Tilda in Evening Sky/


Billie in Evening Sky/Mist Grey
Marilyn in Evening Sky


Billie in Malbec/Cream
Tilda in Malbec/Cream
Jackie in Malbec


 Marilyn in Black Suede


Jackie in Black Suede


Elsie in Black Suede

Tilda in Black Suede


Billie in Black Suede/Basketweave




Elizabeth in Nude


Elsie in Gold


Bianca in Gold


Elizabeth in Gold


Jackie in Teal


Bianca in Teal


Elizabeth in Evening Sky