Sustainable Materials

​​Sustainable products start with sustainable materials. Our goal is to source materials that have a lower impact on the environment whenever possible. 

Alterre sustainable women's shoes made with recycled plasticRecycled Plastic

Pellets made of plastic waste created during the shoe making process are melted and recycled to create all of our heels and shoe lasts. Since standard stilettos require virgin plastic, we create block heels or exposed stilettos so that we can use this recycled material.

Customizable shoes made with recycled denim - AlterreRecycled Denim

PET bottles from recycling centers are classified, washed, chopped and recycled into the polyester thread that is used in our denim. 40 plastic bottles create 1 kilogram of thread.

Sustainably sourced leather shoes - Alterre interchangeable shoesTraceable Leather

We source all of our leathers in Brazil so that we reduce our carbon footprint. Many of them are sourced from a sustainable Brazilian supplier called Courovale, who is LWG and CSCB certified. Courovale produces traceable leather and recycles their production waste. Water is also separated from liquid effluent and re-used when possible, reducing their use of surface water.