Build a Bell Sandal - Blush

$ 258.75 $ 270.00

SHB-201901SMLT-6 + SHH-051404SU-6


Create your own go-to pair with our interchangeable blush multicolor bell sandal. Just choose your favorite between these 4 classic combinations:

This sandal works with any Alterre strap, so once you have your first pair, the sky is the limit!



  • 1.5” heel made of recycled plastic
  • Cushioned foam mid-sole for all-day under-foot comfort
  • Genuine leather upper and sole for increased breathability
  • Sandal can be worn with any Alterre strap and featured straps can be worn with most Alterre shoe bases
  • Available in regular full sizes 6 - 10 (see sizing guide for best fit)