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Ethically Made in Brazil

Our shoes are designed in New York City but produced in fair labor factories in Brazil. We work with shoe experts with over 30 years of experience both in Brazil and the US to bring you a shoe that is as expertly crafted as possible. 

We firmly believe in producing shoes using fair labor, and to ensure peace of mind we visited the factory ourselves and made sure that everyone there was happy and healthy.  

All Alterre shoes are made with genuine leather that we source locally in Brazil. The leather is a bit more expensive than some from other parts of the world, but our customers deserve the highest quality we can offer. We source the leather and other shoe components directly in Brazil to reduce our transportation carbon footprint overall. 

As fashion designers we inherently create waste, and did our best to produce a shoe that lessens that impact. Because the looks are interchangeable, you only have one base lift and many shoes, meaning less production of plastic heels.


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