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Comfort & Quality

Our main goal in creating Alterre was to provide chic and stylish shoes that don't inhibit the comfort of the wearer.  We also wanted to make the shoes interchangeable so that the looks could be updated, but who cares if they interchange if you can't wear them for more than a couple of hours? So we designed shoes that were wider at the ball of the foot than the average women's shoe, with heel heights tested for comfort, as well as added foam padding under the sock liner to make them perfect for all day wear.
Alterre Shoes Comfort Diagram
We know you may have seen other modular shoe lines that interchange parts of the shoe. What makes our line so unique is that you can change the looks (straps) between heel heights. This way you can actually change what your shoe looks like to match the occasion. Designing looks that change between heel heights is actually pretty tough. The shape of your foot changes with the incline of the shoe you are wearing, making it difficult for a look to fit comfortably both ways. We spent two years prototyping (and getting potentially high off of contact cement in our windowless studio) to bring you the styles we have today.
Alterre Shoes Width Diagram


Why not make the heels interchangeable you ask? When you move around the heel height on a fixed shoe it effects the balance and fit. Think about the weird feeling you get walking when the rubber on your heel wears off. It's because the heel has changed heights.