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Made with Fair Labor


Our shoes are designed in New York City but produced in fair labor factories in Brazil. We work with shoe experts with over 30 years of experience both in Brazil and the US to bring you a shoe that is as expertly crafted as possible. We firmly believe in producing shoes using fair labor, and to ensure peace of mind we visited the factory ourselves and made sure that everyone there was happy and healthy. 


We get our heels custom made and design them to be thicker for two important reasons. One is that they offer more support and are more comfortable for long term wear. The second is that they can be made with recycled plastic. Stilettos and thin heels require virgin plastic so that they don't break. So we're happy to provide more comfort and be kind to the environment at the same time!


Each of our lasts are checked to ensure they are all the correct measurements so that our fit is always the same. What are lasts you ask? They are the plastic foot molds that shoes are shaped over. A well crafted and designed last is what makes a shoe fit comfortably.



Our patterns are cut on leather using a laser cutter. This way we can use a computer program to determine the best way to fit all the patterns on one skin with the least waste. We also don't have to get metal dies using this method, which creates less waste as well.



Even though we have different manufacturers for each component of the shoes, they are all in the same city in Brazil. Not only does that help reduce our carbon footprint, it also helps support the local economy.

Finally, the factory we use has a program that sponsors any worker that wants to move to a management track. If the person who packs the shoes into the boxes wants to go up the chain, the factory will train them and even pay for qualification programs.